Jotter London Architecture

The Jotter special edition range takes its inspiration from the iconic London skyline. One that’s full of eclectic British architectural styles. From the Classical dome of St Paul’s Cathedral to the Gothic style arches of the Houses of Parliament; the geometric simplicity of The Shard to the post-modern dynamism of The Gherkin and the MI6 Building – each pen pays tribute to the cultural wonders that tower over London.

Although different in style and influence, every one of the pens features an attractive, unique and expertly crafted design, informed by London’s striking buildings. Lacquered caps, stainless steel bodies and laser engraved details add a modern twist to a Parker classic.

Step into fine writing every day with an iconic pen inspired by the city. Inspiration is just a click away.

Jotter Gothic Bronze

The special edition Gothic Jotter pen, by Parker, takes inspiration from the ornate embellishments of the oldest cathedrals in the UK, many of which stand tall today, high over the London skyline.

Jotter Red Classical

The special edition Classical Jotter pen, by Parker, takes inspiration from St Paul’s Cathedral and the delicacy of the iconic Victoria and Albert Museum. The free- flowing proportions and repetitive, symmetrical shapes continue to inspire today’s artists and architects alike.

Jotter Skyblue Modern

The special edition Skyblue Modern Jotter pen, by Parker, takes inspiration from London’s modern architectural heroes seen on The BT Tower and The Shard today with unique shapes, gridded patterns and uncluttered structural forms.

Jotter Black Postmodern

The special edition Black Postmodern Jotter pen, by Parker, takes inspiration from London’s Gherkin, the MI6 Building and the London skyline. This exploration of new forms and styles has inspired this perfect start for a fine writing adventure.